Our state of the art Fawn Facility is designed to 'bottle feed' and care for a certain number of fawns beginning the end of May each year. There can be tremendous advantages of having an onsite Fawn Facility on your farm. This facility gives us tremendous options to care for fawns in a variety of situations that always come up during the fawning season each year. Bottle fed fawns can be an advantage to help keep your Doe pens very calm during normally stressful situations that may arise. Bottle fed fawns are easy to spot health concerns early on, and give our team the ability to treat and medicate when appropriate!

The goal of every decision we make regarding our GKR fawns is always focused on Improving herd health at every turn, and providing great value for our clients and their investments! Nothing is better nutritionally for our fawns than momma's milk, but in those cases that a fawns health may be in jeopardy by leaving her in a pen. Our GKR Fawn Barn as proven to be a blessing!