We believe that BRAIN FREEZE is one of The Special Breed Bucks in Texas! This buck has it ALL! Start with Beams, Beams and more Beams on this Boy, then throw in amazing tine length, mass and a classic Look for the ages all wrapped up in 330+" of a typical styled package that dreams are made of. This is another one of our Freeze Frame Son's and this one is built on sold Gonzalez bloodlines which run deep in our GKR Show Pens!

This is a pedigree of proven production and one that sits just fine on so many of our power mommas! Freeze Frame x Max Dream / High Roller / DB-618 (Dream buck / O-312). FREEZE FRAME is anchored by two of the great Gonzalez super does of all time... DB-618 and O-312! Yep - that will work!

Semen is available

We are honored to be a partner on BRAIN FREEZE with a power packed group of programs in the Texas Deer Industry: Limitless Genetics, Pinnacle Whitetails, LoneHollow Whitetails, and High Point Ranch.