Bad Company Ad


If you love Big unique typical frames, we have the perfect buck to outcross your Gladiator and Express Does... the great BAD COMPANY! Pushing just shy of 300" @4 yrs with a Giant Frame made up of 28" beams and 15" tines. This Ambush / High Roller / TR Switchblade Son is putting lots of top shelf pedigreed sons on the ground on the GKR and around the country, along with some of our most coveted Doe lines as well. Bad Girl (Bad Company's womb sister) had he first Doe Fawn sell for $100,000 at the 2018 TDA Sale! This BAD COMPANY line is very special - and it is just getting started!

Semen is available

BAD COMPANY was built out of super does like... BL-510 Dam to Max Dream, Kid Dynamite, ATM, Dreambo & Opal, W-634 Voodoo's Dam, B-1112 Bad Company & Warlord's Dam and anchored by 7Up's Dam W-473! This gentle giant is one of the most laid back personalities we have ever been around and is putting some amazing sons on the ground!